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Since the DST change I get the following SMS error message back: The command 'START' is too old, and is canceled. Please try again.

Answer from Webasto (translated with Google):

Dear Mr. Percher,

Thank you for your inquiry at Webasto.

The reply SMS "The command 'START' is too old, and is canceled. Please try again." shows that on the receiver module located in the TC 3 SIM card the time when changing from summer to winter time is not updated. The Thermo Call TC3 processed for safety, only SMS commands, which are not older than 10 minutes. Please cut off the power supply of the thermal call receiver for about 30 seconds (eg by dragging the controls on the associated Fuse- usually 1A). After renewed supply of electricity your SIM card again booked in the appropriate radio network, wherein the current time reloading.

There is no mistake here from the responsibility of WEBASTO or our App programmers.

With best regards

i.v ******* *****
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2014-11-17 07:24 Andreas Percher {writeRevision}
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